Other Characters



1.Srikandi is daughter of King Drupada of Cempakareja. During her youth, she learned archery from Arjuna. Then she was married to Arjuna. Srikandi's behavior is like a man. She likes to go to war, so that she often called as the lady warrior. She bravely challenges any wrongdoing openly. She defends her nation patriotically. In the Baratayudha, she was chosen to be war commander to fight Bisma, Kurawa's commander. In that war, she killed Bisma.


2. Rara Ireng is a
daughter of King Basudewa of Madura. She was a reincarnation of Dewi Sri or the wife of Hyang Wisnu. After growing up, Rara Ireng changed her name to be Dewi Wara Sumbadra. She is a wife of Arjuna and has a son named Angkawijaya.


3. Patih Harya Sakuni is a prime minister of the Kingdom of Astina. He is a younger brother of Dewi Gendari, the mother of King Suyudana. He became the prime minister when King Dastarasta resigned. Patih Harya Sakuni is a persuasive talker. Every word that comes from him will attract the listeners; however wis words are full of tricks. One day, he changed himself to be dice when the Pandawa and Kurawa were gambling. He made Pandawa always lost in the game. Because of that, Pandawa was exiled to the jungle for 13 years.