The Character of Wayang

Pandavas (associated with the dalang's right side)

1. Wayang represents the intersection/coincidence of different worlds: Hindu gods (esp. Shiva), who aid and interfere with both the Kaurava and Pandava; The heroes (from Indian epics), the Pandavas (associated with the dalang's right side) and the Kaurava (associated with the left); The Demons, opposing both sides; The clowns, aiding both sides; Semar, the clown who aids the Pandavas, is older and more powerful than
the gods
Kaurava (associated with the left)


2. The Center: The Kayon "Tree"/ Gunungan "Mountain" is a marker of time: placed stage center to show the different sections of the performance; a marker of space: stands for palace, forest, mountain, wind, etc; a marker of transition/center: where all worlds overlap (Meru, Gong, etc)

by Patricia Henry