Figures Panca Pendawa

1. The five Pendawas consist of Puntadewa (Yudistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sadewa). Puntadewa, Bima, and Arjuna were born from the wedding of King Pandudewanata with Queen Dewi Kunti. On the other hand, Nakula and Sadewa were born from the wedding of King Pandudewanata with Queen Dewi Madrim.

2. Puntadewanata or Pandu is the oldest of Five Pendawas. He is so patient so that he is often called as having the white blood. He would never fight or go to war. He has a powerful amulet named Kalimasada.


3. The second Pendawa is Bima or Werkodara. He has a large, strong body and has very sharp thumbnails. He never uses formal language to anyone (except to Dewaruci). He represents the power of Five Pendawas.

4. The third Pendawa is Arjuna. He is a handsome warrior. He is also powerful. He practices meditation; therefore he has received lots of powerful weaponry. He is very skilled in the art of archery.


5. The fourth and Fifth of Pendawas are Nakula and Sahadewa. Like their step-brothers, both of these warrior has supernatural power. Eventhough they have different mother, Nakula and Sadewa are always loyal to their three step-brothers.


Materi ini diambil dan diolah dari Sunardi D.M. Kisah Keluarga Pendawa dan Kurawa, Jakarta: Harian Berita Yudha, 1974.