Figures One Hundred Kurawa





1. The One Hundred Kurawa are the children of Raden Datarasta with Dewi Gandari. The oldest one from them is Suyudana. He has a jealous personality. He is a powerful knight, as he was bathed in miraculous water when he was young. However, one part of his leg was covered by a banyan leaf, and that became his weakness.


2. The second son of Dasarasta is Dursasana. This warrior was very spoiled by his parents and his older brother. He likes to act carelessly and does whatever he pleases. Nobody can prohibit him. His speech is loud and rude. He never sits still and is always worrying.

3. Among other Kurawa warriors there are Citraksa and Citraksi. Their utterances are stuttering, their acts are arrogant and they like to swear.

Materi ini diambil dan diolah dari Sunardi D.M. Kisah Keluarga Pendawa dan Kurawa, Jakarta: Harian Berita Yudha, 1974.